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Pick the toolbox that your repair category is in and you will quickly find the tool that interests you.
All tools are checked for dimensional size and tried and fitted and tested on spare parts etc before dispatch.
many new A-series tools added! many new A-series tools added!                                                                                                              

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cit2cv041  Centrifugal advance checking gauge                            2 videos      
cit2cv032  Engine support stands    
cit2cv036  Fan removal drift
cit2cv064  Valve spring compressor        video
cit2cv097  Front and rear crankshaft oil seal insertion   NEW TOOL 14 November 2022  

gearbox and transmission toolbox select for photo collection

wheels and steering toolbox select for photo collection

cit2cv105   Wheel bearing 4 slot ring nut extractor and inserter   NEW TOOL November 2022
cit2cv008   King pin drift set [4 tools]     
cit2cv025   Front hub locking bar
cit2cv076   Wheel bearing and oil seal inserter    see next tool and video
cit2cv066   Screw puller to assemble the front hub and wheel bearing   video and oil seal insertion
cit2cv074   Kit of tools to dismantle and rebuild the 2cv4 driveshaft protective cups    video and further information

brakes toolbox select for photo collection

cit2cv010      2cv rear brake centraliser 35mm
cit2cv014      Master cylinder assembly tool
cit2cv022      Rear brake drum puller
cit2cv050      Caliper piston retracting tool
cit2cv071      Rear drum mounting tool
cit2cv075      Front drum adjuster spanner   fits every drum
cit2cv100      Front and rear drums repair service   videos
cit2cv104      Brake drum adjuster cam, riveting tools   NEW TOOLS November 12 2022.

clutch and flywheel  select for photo collection

cit2cv055       Flywheel skimming mandrel
cit2cv067       Spigot bush or needle bearing removal                

axles and suspension  select for photo collection

cit2cv027      Axle inner bearing puller set     
cit2cv040      Suspension tie rod adjuster        video
cit2cv069      Axle arm bearing cup removal and insertion tools       video

cx tools      video

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