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New tools update
New tools are constantly coming up and being thought about.
There's sometimes an easier and quicker and safer way to get that job done.
Any new tools or modifications to existing tools will be shown and explained here.

Engine tool    cit2cv065

This is the new design for an improved valve spring compressor.
As per Citroen workshop manual instructions, you must dismantle the rocker shaft components to use the tool. Other tools may be needed to perform cylinder head repairs. These include, Cit2cv042, an adjustable vise held stand which holds the head securely and also limits any movement of valves + Cit2cv037, a special socket for the rocker arm securing bolt and Cit2cv028, which is a lapping tool to ensure head to barrel fitting is leakproof.


cit2cv060  suspension tie rod die nut

cit2cv063 suspension knife edge carrier internal thread tap


cit2cv067  spigot bush / bearing extractor + insertion drift

Rear wheel bearing

cit2cv064   rear wheel bearing ring nut tool
Enables removal and insertion on the car



cit2cv045  ball joint separator for inner track rod

Disconnect the track rods from the steering rack with this tool.
You must first of all cut away the anti rattle rubber for the tool to fit.
Locate tool properly and apply pressure with the bolt. The bolt has a hole in it to locate onto the top of the ball joint and keep all in line and prevent any slipping of the tool. when the bolt is tight increase a further 1/2 turn and hit the head with a hammer. You may need to turn the bolt another 1/2 turn for total disconnection.


Wheels and Steering

cit2cv066   screw puller for front hub and bearing assembly



cit2cv066.  When assembling the front hub into the wheel bearing this tool is invaluable. Hammering the hub into the bearing will only damage it. The stepped nut fits into where the hub nut goes and the arm rests on one of the wheel studs to prevent rotation. Re-fit one wheel nut to avoid damage to the wheel stud thread and lock the arm onto it. Fit the hub squarely to the wheel bearing, make sure the collar is fitted against the wheel bearing and screw the long bolt clockwise to pull the hub into the inner bearing race. Use in conjunction with cit2cv001 or cit2cv002 and cit2cv005