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Tool collection photo's

 Here are some pictures of part of the collection.

the wheel bearing ring nut is  secured very tightly and needs a substantial amount of effort to release it.you will need a 36mm socket or ring spanner for this tool.                 2cv rear brake centralising tool.Transfers the drum inside diameter to the shoes outside diameter.
wheel bearing ring                    rear brake centraliser
        nut tool                           2cv=35mm Acad=36m

            Axle arm 16 slot ring nut

           2cv front hub separator drift. front hub separator drift.

2cv piston ring compressor.Made to origional specification,and so easy to use. piston ring compressor.

2cv rear hub nut 44mm socket [3/4 44mm rear hub nut socket.

Always try to move the shoes inwards to give clearance for easier removal. rear brake drum puller.

inner track rod disconnector.

Steering column/pinion removal lever.Tapered lever to lift column off rusty splines. steering column lever

           Steering pinion ring nut tool.Unscrews the securing nut at the bottom of the steering column.
 steering pinion ring nut tool
Inner and outer bearing drifts for axle arms. axle arm bearing drifts

You will need a lathe for this tool.Bolt flywheel on and lighten it. flywheel mandrel

Centrifugal clutch drum fastens onto mandrel.Skim or grind the inside surface. mandrel for centrifugal clutch

Simply bolt onto the hub to centralise the front drum brake shoes.2 sizes are available. front drum brake centraliser
Top plug is difficult to reseat.Make it more concave with this set,to go past a damaged top area. dolly and drift for kingpin top plug

Corroded cylinder head to barrel surfaces can be reclaimed with this lapping tool cylinder head face lapping tool

Extract a tight piston gudgeon pin.10mm allen key needed for screwing in the long bolt. piston pin extractor

Hold tool in a vice securely.Take 2 nuts off tool.Put head onto tool and tighten 2 nuts up. cylinder head valve positioner

gearbox synchromesh shims

track rod end phos bronze cups

special socket for tappets

special socket for g/box selector

oil cooler union socket

clutch centraliser tool

ignition advance gauge

ignition timing tool 602cc

connecting rod bush puller

axle inner bearing puller

carb nut spanner

Camber angle checking gauge

Tap for outer track rod end cup nut threads

Tap for king pin lower plug housing

12mm dome nuts for wings

Friction damper repair tools

16mm left hand thread nut for centrifugal clutch

Track rod end cup nut wrench

Special bolt to extract a dynamo

Socket [6 sided x29mm]
for renewal of bearing in gearbox output hub.
Advice needed when attempting this repair- just ask.