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Current tool list and prices. A-SERIES TOOLS.

All tools are sold subject to the U.K. prices shown and do not include postage and packing.              

Conversions to other currencys or the Euro can be made when ordering your tool(s).



    Not all tools are shown here
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  Tool     Price UK pound       Description
Cit2cv045       £80.50      Visa 652cc Piston ring compressor

 Cit2cv001                 £90.00         Wheel bearing ring nut extractor
                                                 for 2cv, Dyane, Mehari.[35mm]
the wheel bearing ring nut is  secured very tightly and needs a substantial amount of effort to release will need a 36mm socket or ring spanner for this tool.
  You need a 36mm ring spanner or 3/4" drive socket
for this tool.The pegs on the tool are made from key steel. Always
"shock" the tool and spanner to undo the ring nut,after drilling the peenings.

Cit2cv002                  £93.00           Wheel bearing ring nut extractor
                                                   for AK400,Acad,Ami super-36mm            
the wheel bearing ring nut is  secured very tightly and needs a substantial amount of effort to release will need a 36mm socket or ring spanner for this tool.   These vehicles have a bigger bearing and ring nut    and the slots in the ring nut are wider.                                                  

Cit2cv045             £75.00         Steering rack/inner track rod
                                                 disconnecting tool.

This tool pulls the inner track rods off the tapered ball pins on the
 steering rack. Locate the tool and tighten up the bolt. Tighten an extra half turn to ensure that the tool is pulling and hit the bolt head with a hammer to "shock" the taper free.


Cit2cv003                 £10.00              Engine timing tool for 2cv.[6mm]
timing tool is the top one.
      Easier than using a drill and no burning of hands
                          on hot exhaust manifolds.                            
Cit2cv004                 £70.00          Axle arm 16 slot ringnut tool                                                                                     
 Axle arm removal is easy with this tool.On re-assembly,the bearings can be torqued correctly.           ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                                                                                               

Cit2cv005                £30.00           Front hub separator drift

2cv front hub separator drift.    Special 20 degree taper inside the hub means you
                       use this tool to avoid any damage to it.                          

Cit2cv006               £20.00              16mm left hand thread nut for
                                                   securing a centrifugal clutch unit.

The peening ring on the special securing nut will be damaged
on dis-assembly, so you cannot re-use it. Always use a new one.
Cit2cv007                £48.00           Lever to remove and separate
                                                  steering column from pinion spline.
Steering column/pinion removal lever.Tapered lever to lift column off rusty splines.
   Invaluable tool and so easy to use on rusty seized parts.

Cit2cv008                £50.00         Kingpin drift set. Includes bottom
                                                 screwed plug spanner, pin to drive
                                                out top welch plug, drift to knock
                                                 out the kingpin and a dummy pin
                                                to line up the new components

Kingpin drift set.4 tools to help change a kingpin.                                 


Cit2cv009               £64.00         Kingpin top and bottom bushes.
                                               2 tools to correctly align the bushes
                                               and make them perfectly parallel to
                                              each other.

2 tools to ensure that the kingpin bushes are lined up correctly and perfectly parallel    A bush knocked in "any old how" can be out of line and cause
 the new pin to bind and wear prematurely.                               
Cit2cv010              £80.00        2cv rear brake centraliser[35mm]
                                               Dyane, Mehari, etc

2cv rear brake centralising tool.Transfers the drum inside diameter to the shoes outside diameter.     Use this centraliser to accurately position rear shoes.                             
Cit2cv011              £80.00        Acadiane etc. rear brake centraliser
                                              tool. [36mm]

                                              Also fits AK400 and Ami Super.
2cv rear brake centralising tool.Transfers the drum inside diameter to the shoes outside diameter.    Citroen made the rear drum stub shaft 1mm bigger
                       on these vehicles, so a different size tool is needed.                            

Cit2cv012        £20.00       Socket with handle, to undo the gearbox selector securing            screws

Awkward shaped screws with bad access necessitates this tool.                                                

Cit2cv013              £40.00         Front drum brake shoe centraliser
                                              tool. [200 and 220mm]

                        2 different size drums on front drum brakes

Cit2cv014              £18.00           Master cylinder assembly tool.
                                              Holds components together for easy
                                              fitment of the roll pin.

     I haven't got 3 hands and need this tool to finish the job.                                             
Cit2cv015              £46.00       Gearbox synchroniser shims. 2 tools
                                                to set up the synchro rings.
2cv 602 gearbox synchromesh adjuster shims.Reset the gears to correct position.
Crunching gears? gearbox unwound?
how do you reset those synchros?                   602 gearbox size.       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Cit2cv016              £24.00        Gearbox selector shaft indent spring
                                             tool.Holds ball and spring in position
                                             when the top lid is off

You need this tool to keep the ball from flying off into the grass.

Cit2cv017              £45.00        Steering pinion ring nut tool.
Steering pinion ring nut tool.Unscrews the securing nut at the bottom of the steering column.
Citroen fitted another ring nut on the steering pinion.
This is needed to get it out.


Cit2cv018              £50.00       Axle arm bearing drift for inner and
                                            outer bearing.
                                         Avoids damage to expensive bearings!!!!!                                            


Cit2cv019              £20.00       Hand brake eccentric adjuster tool.
 Hand brake eccentric adjuster spanner                     
My most popular tool.  An absolute must when adjusting pads

Cit2cv020              £17.00        Track rod end cup nut tool.                               


Cit2cv021              £46.00       44mm rear brake hub nut socket.
                                           A machined impact socket with 3/4"
                                            square drive.

   2cv rear hub nut 44mm socket [3/4                                                   


Cit2cv022             £45.00      Rear brake drum puller.



Cit2cv023             £74.00      Piston ring compressor.[602cc]
                                          Also compressor for 435cc engine
                                          and Visa 77mm diameter.
2cv piston ring compressor.Made to origional specification,and so easy to use.


Cit2cv024             £28.00       Oil cooler pipe union tool.

    Socket fits over the aluminium pipe and then onto the union nut                                             


Cit2cv025             £30.00      Front hub locking bar.
           Undo the front hub nut with the aid of this tool.


Cit2cv026             £36.00       Piston gudgeon pin remover and puller.
Pull the piston pin out without having to hit anything!!!!!


Cit2cv027             £78.00       Axle arm inner bearing puller.
Inner bearings are awkward to remove without this puller. The rear inner bearing is impossible to get off unless you use this tool.

Cit2cv028             £56.00      Cylinder head/barrel lapping tool.

This lapping tool will create new, flat surfaced, leak free, joints.


Cit2cv029             £30.00       Dolly and drift set.Makes the kingpin
                                           top plug more concave and easier to
                                           fit if the top area is damaged.

Cit2cv030             £29.00      Carburettor spanner 12mm.
                                           For awkward nuts on the carb.


Cit2cv031            ASK      Gearbox support stand.No longer available
Cit2cv032           ASK       Engine support stand.No longer available

Cit2cv033          £40         Phosphor bronze track rod end cups. No longer available
                                          4 cups supplied.Only fit with brand new
                                          track rod arms.



Cit2cv034          £2.10      12mm stainless steel dome nuts for
                           each         securing bottom of wing to sill.No longer available
                   Washers included.
Any size or type of stainless steel nut or bolt supplied                                                


Cit2cv035          £27.60 No longer available          Connecting rod bush removal and         
                                            installation  puller.



Cit2cv036         £22.00          Fan removal drift.


Cit2cv037        £20.00             Tappet securing bolt tool.
                                            For special headed bolt.



Cit2cv039          £30.00           Clutch centraliser. 602


Cit2cv040         £22.00            Suspension tie rod adjuster tool.
                                            24mm hexagon bar with 9mm slot.


Cit2cv041         £50.00           Ignition advance checking gauge. No longer available
                                           Check for correct centrifugal advance
                                           of the ignition system.


Cit2cv042        £40.00 Cylinder head stand.Holds both valves in
                                     place when installing/removing collets.


 Cit2cv043        £50.00           Special socket for gearbox output hub.
                                           Used when renewing bearing.


 Cit2cv044        £28.00           Special bolt to release Dynamo on
                                           earlier engines [425cc]

 Cit2cv048        £36         Camber angle checking gauge. No longer available

Checks for bent and damaged axle arms.
CIT2CV061            £32.00                                                                         Tap for cleaning up threads on damaged track rod end cup nut housings
Cit2cv062                £32.00         Tap to repair damaged threads in the King pin bottom screw in plug housing. These threads can become cross threaded and the plug can blow out under grease pressure.
Cit2cv057           £70      Jig and tool for overhaul of friction dampers, No longer available
Set includes 2 tools. [torque wrench and long insert tool not inc.]
Cit2cv58       £30.00     Friction damper removal/insertion tool
Insertion tool is at the bottom of this photo