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axle inner bearing puller set


                    The puller is inserted BEHIND the oil seal.                                                                                             This dolly fits inside the axle tube to enable the
              It pulls the oil seal onto the bearing and dislodges it.                                                                                    tapered bolt to sit in it and begin the pulling.
There are knife edges on the horseshoe and a flat at the top.                                                                                   A friction damper vehicle needs a different
Hit the flat with a hammer,hard, to insert the tool to its proper position. In any position convenient.                         size of dolly, as the axle tube is narrower.
There is little or no room to insert the tool behind the oil seal, this is what the knife edges are for.                                                  Please enquire
A friction damper vehicle need longer studs for the tool, please enquire.
The oil seal will be totally destroyed. You must re-adjust the tool to pull the bearing completely
off of the axle. Remember to fit a rubber oil seal instead of a felt seal.
Make sure it is the correct way round and fit it before the bearing.