Engine tools
Old style crankshaft oil seal puller. Obsolete now.
     This is the new type tool
Crankshaft front and rear oil seal removal                                                                    Front oil seal insertion
     90 degree hook with slide hammer                                                                                        All engines
                         All engines

         Rear oil seal insertion tool kit                                                                           Spigot bush/ needle bearing removal

    3 different sizes--- 602, 425/435, M4                                                                                               All engines

 Spigot bush/needle bearing insertion                                                                                                 Main bench stand
                       All engines                                                                                                    used with engine or gearbox support stands


Engine stand + 2 spacers for securing                                                                                       Engine mounted on stand
        to the long crankcase bolts
Pivots on 16mm bolt, turns full circle
Crankcase can be split when holding
 engine at 90 degrees with this stand


         Starter motor adapter plate                                                                                                     Starter motor adapter plate
            to test engine on bench                                                                                               Teeth engage perfectly on ring gear


                                                 cylinder head lapping tool                     timing tool                       centrifugal advance tool

                    12mm carb spanner                                                                                                        valve spring compressor

                                 74mm 602 piston ring compressor                                                            valve stem oil seal insertion tool. 2 sizes.
                                      other sizes available inc visa

                                      piston pin extractor                                                               oil cooler union spanner

         extended sockets for the rocker arm screws                                           push rod tube dismount and insertion tools

                                           Dynamo extractor bolt                                                                                       Adjustable cylinder head stand


                            Small end bush puller and inserter

                              Fan removal drift  22mm diameter


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