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Pick the toolbox that your repair category is in and you will quickly find the tool that interests you.
All tools are checked for dimensional size and tried and fitted and tested on spare parts etc before dispatch.

Engine toolbox  select for photo collection                                               or select a tool name to view it, price it, read a description or even see a video.

cit2cv003  2cv static advance timing tool. 2 sizes available for 602 and 435
cit2cv041  Centrifugal advance checking gauge, available to order only
cit2cv023  Piston ring compressor. 602, 74mm diameter. Also available for 425 and 435 engines, to order
cit2cv032  Engine support stands    
cit2cv024  Oil cooler pipe union tool
cit2cv026  Piston pin extractor
cit2cv036  Fan removal drift
cit2cv037  Tappet and rocker arm securing bolt tool
cit2cv064  Valve spring compressor
cit2cv042  Adjustable cylinder head stand
cit2cv028  Cylinder head lapping tool
cit2cv030  Carburettor spanner 12mm                                                                                                                                        
cit2cv044  Dynamo extractor bolt
cit2cv067  Crankshaft spigot bush or needle bearing insertion and removal tools. Fits all engines.   video
cit2cv070  Push rod extraction and insertion tools
cit2cv082  Valve guide stem seal insertion tools. New type rubber seal and old type neoprene seal.
cit2cv097  Front and rear crankshaft oil seal insertion and extraction    video
cit2cv035  Connecting rod small end bush extraction and insertion. Fits all engines.
cit2cv038  Main bench stand.To be used with engine stand or gearbox stand
cit2cv081  Starter motor adapter plate. Used to start and run the engine for a bench test
cit2cv080  Crankshaft oil seal extractor tool. Front and rear seals, fits all engines

gearbox and transmission toolbox select for photo collection

cit2cv031   Gearbox support stand. Used with cit2cv038 main stand
cit2cv012   Socket for the selector fork clamping screws
cit2cv015   Synchromesh set up shims 602
cit2cv016   Selector shaft indent spring holding tool for 2-3 speed synchro ring
cit2cv079   Complete box of tools to repair or overhaul a 602 or 435 gearbox. Hire only. or any tools required   3 videos inc pinion and crownwheel set up.
cit2cv078   Set of tools to dismount and re-mount the protective cups on the 2cv4 double cardan driveshafts   see further information in the next toolbox
cit2cv043   Output hub long reach 29mm socket

wheels and steering toolbox select for photo collection

cit2cv001   Wheel bearing ring nut extractor and insertion. 2 sizes available.  video
cit2cv002   Wheel bearing ring nut extractor and insertion 36mm Acadiane etc
cit2cv005   Front hub separator drift
cit2cv007   Lever to separate the steering column from the pinion
cit2cv008   King pin drift set [5 tools]
cit2cv009   King pin bush alignment tools [2 tools]
cit2cv077   Anti theft devices -- shear nuts and their removal   video
cit2cv017   Steering pinion ring nut extractor
cit2cv020   Track rod end cup nut tool
cit2cv045   Inner ball joint separator on the steering rack
cit2cv046   Phosphor bronze track rod end cups
cit2cv025   Front hub locking bar
cit2cv076   Wheel bearing and oil seal inserter
cit2cv066   Screw puller to assemble the front hub and wheel bearing     video + oil seal insertion
cit2cv061   Tap to reclaim a damaged or rusty track rod end housing
cit2cv062   Tap to reclaim a damaged king pin lower plug housing
cit2cv074   Kit of tools to dismantle and rebuild the 2cv4 driveshaft protective cups   video  and further information
cit2cv075   2cv4 driveshaft protective cup collar

brakes toolbox select for photo collection

cit2cv010      2cv rear brake centraliser 35mm
cit2cv011      Acadiane rear brake centraliser 36mm
cit2cv013      Front brake shoe centraliser 200 and 220 mm
cit2cv014      Master cylinder assembly tool
cit2cv019      Handbrake eccentric adjuster tool
cit2cv021      Rear hub nut socket 44mm or 1.3/4AF,  3/4 DRIVE.
cit2cv022      Rear brake drum puller
cit2cv050      Caliper piston retracting tool   or cit2cv051 next tool on list
cit2cv051      Brake pad retaining spring tool
cit2cv071      Rear drum mounting tool
cit2cv075      Front drum adjuster spanner   fits every drum
cit2cv100      Front and rear drums repair service   videos

clutch and flywheel  select for photo collection

cit2cv053      Clutch centraliser. Fits all types.
cit2cv054      16mm left hand thread securing nut for centrifugal clutch
cit2cv055       Flywheel skimming mandrel
cit2cv056       Centrifugal clutch drum skimming mandrel
cit2cv067       Spigot bush or needle bearing removal        video            
cit2cv068       Spigot bush or needle bearing insertion tool

axles and suspension  select for photo collection

cit2cv057      Jig and setting bar to repair a friction damper
cit2cv058      Friction damper removal and insertion tool
cit2cv004      Axle arm 16 slot retaining nut socket
cit2cv018      Axle bearing tube drift
cit2cv027      Axle inner bearing puller set     
cit2cv040      Suspension tie rod adjuster       video
cit2cv060      Die nut for suspension tie rod threads
cit2cv063      Tap for cleaning up the internal threads on a suspension tie rod eye bolt
cit2cv069      Axle arm bearing cup removal and insertion tools    video
cit2cv083      Axle arm checking gauge. To check for anything out of true.  Front and rear arm checks. 3 videos

cx tools video

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