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Crankshaft spigot bush or needle bearing insertion and removal
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Spigot bush or needle bearing insertion tool. This tool knocks the bush or bearing into the crankshaft by 5mm, the correct depth. The oil seal can then be fitted.
                                Every 2cv crankshaft has the same id and od size of bush or needle bearing, so this tools works on all engines

Removal tools

   This crankshaft has a needle bearing           The tool pulling face. Although the bush is        Insert the tool, keeping it to the left, behind the  
                                                                              slightly longer than the needle bearing              bearing. Slide in the pin, it protrudes a little, 6mm.
                                                                              there is still enough room for the tool to sit in   The pin keeps the pulling part in its proper position
                                                                              behind the item.                                                   so that the tool cannot slip out of position.

               Mount the puller cup                             Position it up to the crank face and secure         Begin the extraction process, slowly.
                                                                               it with the nut. The cup in machined off centre
                                                                              so position the mark to the left and you know
                                                                              where the pulling face is

               Needle bearing is out                            showing the puller in the bearing and the          The extraction tool. Never lose the small pin.
                                                                                           amount of pull it can exert                                     It keeps the tool in position.

                                                                                      These tools can be bought or hired

                                                                                                 please watch the video