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some gs tools                                                       I will be making more GS tools. Please enquire.

   crankshaft oil seal inserters - price £60.00 1697-T                                                     front hub extractor-price £70.00 1893-T

            Puller to detach the rear axle arm from the anti roll bar                                    Spanner for the speedo securing nut behind the dashboard
                                    4036-T   price £60.00                                                                                                   4051-T price 28.00

                                                     to extract  the bottom ball joint from its housing[ after removing the circlip]
                                          slide hammer [10mm thread], 2 aluminium half shells, sleeve to keep the shells together
                                                                                                6324-T price 88.00

                                                                          tool to extract and replace the clutch thrust bearing guide sleeve
                                                                                                               6318-T price £40.00