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                                                     lower ball joint ring nut tool with 1/2" drive                                      track rod end securing nut extractor

    front brake internal eccentric adjuster                      front brake external adjuster
                                                                                   has a 10mm wide x 15mm long slot.


                                      Front brake shoe centraliser                                                                                            Rear brake shoe centraliser

                                            Front drum bearing puller                           The top part of the bearing is removed.The lower race bearing cone is left on the stub shaft
  The bearing is made of a solid outer race and 2 inner races and they all separate. This tool pulls off the top inner race and the solid outer race.
  Another puller takes the other inner race off. You must destroy and remove the oil seal for the bottom puller tool to fit into place.                                                                 The new races are pressed on separately.

                                      Oil seal carrier plate


    The screwed rods go through the two holes on the other side of the drum and are secured to the oil seal plate with 6mm nuts and washers.
    Only tighten the big central bolt sufficiently to keep things tight together and central. Occasionaly keep it tight as the bearing moves upwards.
    Only tighten the 6mm nuts to remove the bearing top race and solid outer race.

   This is the bottom bearing race puller. It fits snugly under the race and around the shoulder it fits down to. Insert the 6 x 6mm diameter screwed rods and place  
   the thrust pad into the 60 degree tapered housing. Mount the top plate and screw the 20mm bolt down. Remove the cone with the 6mm nuts only.

   When the drum is refitted, 6 screws secure this plate, which carries the oil seal. The plate is also used to pull the top part of the bearing off. Because the size of the plate centre hole is bigger than the bottom race, it cannot pull this race off, Instead it pulls and displaces the bearing roller cage and then pulls off the top part of the bearing and the outer solid race only. You can only pull the bottom cone off with the 2 semi circular pullers shown below.



   Mount the pulling tools. Use the 6mm nuts to pull the top race and the solid outer race off. Do not use the central bolt, this is only used to keep everthing lined
   up and steady for the pulling operation. Occasionaly tighten up the big bolt as the bearing lifts. Pull the bottom race off with the 6mm nuts only.

  Fitting a front bearing.

            The bearing race, rollers and cage are all clipped together                           A press MUST BE USED to mount the lower bearing


   The spacer ring is now fitted. This ring is unique to this bearing only                  Slide on the outer shell until it sits on the bottom bearing
   and must not be interchanged with any other spacer ring.
   The ring governs the amount of bearing preload when tightened up.

   Use this thrust plate to fit the top part of the bearing. It is machined to be able to push on the inner race, which when fitted, sits slightly above the outer shell.
   The 2 tools shown can be also used to extract and install a rear drum bearing too. A press must always be used. Hammering the bearings on can damage
   and displace the two bearing cages resulting in a broken up bearing. AVOID this problem by ALWAYS USING A PRESS.

  Alternative method. Mount the plate with a new oil seal. Heat the complete bottom race is very hot oil, and fit it. Mount the outer solid race. Heat the complete top race in very hot oil, and fit it.


                     5 hole slide hammer with 3 adapter nuts                                             Press down on the washers to expose the split pin holes on the rear drum.