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crankshaft oil seal extractor, front and rear
Its virtually impossible to accurately drill the oil seals and pull them out with screws as the manuals state. This is because there is hardly any metal on the seal casing to drill. There may have been more wider metal years ago, but not now. With this newer method you will avoid any damage to the crankcase or the crankshaft with drills breaking or going off centre. So another approach is needed, and this tool will do the removal of both seals easily. Use the tool gently. You can pull the seals out from one part of the circumference or in 2 places directly opposite each other. This tool will fit both crankshaft seals on any 2cv engine.

This is the tool that the Citroen workshop manual says to use to extract the crankshaft oil seals.
It is impossible to use, as there is not enough metal in the seal to be able to drill and tap it.
This was the tool in the 60's and 70's but the oil seal design must have changed, thinner metal rather than
wider metal which would allow this tool to work. So we have to come up with a tool that can still extract these seals, and here it is.


                                                oil seal removal slide hammer                                                                                           the tool pulling tip

 the tip is pushed past the lip of either seal and slightly rotated to the left to locate behind the thin steel casing and slide hammered out, very gently.

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