front and rear brake drum repair service
please enquire about this service.     videos of the checking of a front or rear drum for ovality at bottom of the page.    

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ring nut thread restored
wheel stud threads restored
check for ovality
ovality removed
wheel bearing change
rust removed with shot blaster


These 2 mandrels fit the rear drums. 2cv size and Acadiane size. They are used to re-machine the ovality out of a drum.
                                                      The drums are checked first to see if they are running oval.


       Fixture to fasten to a 220mm front drum to be able to machine it                Fixture to fasten to a 200mm front drum to be able to machine it
                      This tool is for the Dyane4, 4 bolt drum face.                                                     This tool is for the 2cv4, 4 bolt drum face

                                    Three different sized tools.  To be able to check drum ovality and to machine them if necessary.


  This tool fits the 2cv6 - 200mm diameter drum and also the Dyane 6 - 220mm drum. Both driveshaft flanges are the same size at the drum mating face.
  The centre hole in the drums must match the tool diameter exactly and the drum is located by 2 bolts and nuts to secure it to the machined face.
  Firstly, the tool is placed in the lathe between 2 running centres or the chuck and 1 centre, and clocked to ensure that it will be running true.
 The drum is then fastened on to the tool and secured. It is pulled onto the tool diameter and must be dislodged with a copper hammer after machining.The   inside diameter of the drum is then checked for any ovality. It must be thoroughly cleaned. As the whole unit is running between 2 centres, it must be locked in position with another tool  [called a lathe dog] near the chuck end centre and located into the chuck face to enable machining to occur. This tool is for the 2cv6 or Dyane 6, 6 bolt drum face.

Checking a front drum for ovality. Setting and checking the tool.

Checking a rear drum for ovality. Setting and checking the tools, 2cv and Acadiane.

There is another way to accurately machine the front drums, without the Citroen designed special tools. I only made them as an exercise and to test them running between centres. The accuracy is outstanding...........
 You can hold the drum on the steps of the 3 jawed chuck in the lathe. Ensure that the chuck is running true. Carefully clean both of the hub attachment faces, inner and outer and mount the drum. This is imperative. You need to clock the inner face to be sure of trueness. Next, clean the outer face on the edge of the rim of the drum and clock this too. If all is within 3 thousands of an inch, then you are cleared to machine the drum. Remember that a slow speed and feed is needed, to avoid chatter marks.
Finish off by using emery cloth to leave a smooth, as possible, finish. Clock the inside of the drum diameter for a final check when finished.

How to check and machine a 2cv6 front brake drum without the special Citroen type tools.

                                                    These tools can be bought or hired or I can do a repair and checking service.
                                                                                                         Please enquire.